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 ======Stickers Creation====== ======Stickers Creation======
   * Logo SVG (in git): http://​cgit.drumgizmo.org/​drumgizmo.git/​plain/​logo/​logo.svg   * Logo SVG (in git): http://​cgit.drumgizmo.org/​drumgizmo.git/​plain/​logo/​logo.svg
-  * Tutorial: [[http://​osaa.dk/​wiki/​index.php/​Vinylskærer]]+  * Tutorial ​(in Danish): [[http://​osaa.dk/​wiki/​index.php/​Vinylskærer]]
   * Inkscape plugin: https://​github.com/​fablabnbg/​inkscape-silhouette   * Inkscape plugin: https://​github.com/​fablabnbg/​inkscape-silhouette
   * Buy materials: https://​thelettershop.dk/​   * Buy materials: https://​thelettershop.dk/​
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