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 [20:19] <​edogawa>​ [   ​96s] ​    than the actual buffer was specified [20:19] <​edogawa>​ [   ​96s] ​    than the actual buffer was specified
 [20:19] <​edogawa>​ [   96s] E: drumgizmo destbufferoverflow ../​plugin/​plugingizmo/​pluginlv2.cc:​268:​8 [20:19] <​edogawa>​ [   96s] E: drumgizmo destbufferoverflow ../​plugin/​plugingizmo/​pluginlv2.cc:​268:​8
 +More on the topic from #drumgizmo:
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 +[22:12] <​deva>​ edogawa, Hey
 +[22:12] <​deva>​ I just checked the potential overflow you linked
 +[22:14] <​deva>​ We have an assert that check that the buffer is big enough: http://​cgit.drumgizmo.org/​plugingizmo/​tree/​pluginlv2.cc#​n266
 +[22:14] <​deva>​ But it appears that the check should also include the sizeof(LV2_Atom_Event) part...
 +[22:14] <​deva>​ Thanks for reporting :-)
 </​code>​ </​code>​
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