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DrumGizmo v0.9.14 - The LAC2017 release
DrumGizmo version 0.9.14 now available! This is a bugfix release although we also introduced a new “Resampling” module to the ui. For the full list of changes, check the roadmap for 0.9.14.

And now, without further ado, go grab 0.9.14!!!

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2018-06-20 - By Deva
Lightning talk @ LAC2018
A video of our lightning talk “New Stuff in DrumGizmo” from LAC2018 has been published.
In it we try to present a few new features which will be included in our upcoming 0.9.15 release.
Check it out at CCC media

2017-07-28 - By Muldjord
Video tutorials by Michael Oswald
A very thorough video tutorial on setting up and mixing the new CrocellKit has been made by DrumGizmo user Michael Oswald. It's a 2 parter, check them out: Part 1 and part 2

2017-06-03 - By Muldjord
New song using CrocellKit
A new song by Everything Is Broken using the CrocellKit has landed on youtube. Check it out here!

2017-05-14 - By Muldjord
0.9.14 Released! LAC2017 here we come!
As is a bit of a tradition for the DrumGizmo team (and many other fine open source projects), we have prepared a special release for the upcoming Linux Audio Conference. This year the conference takes place in Saint-Etienne, France from May 18-21 2017. And we'll be showing up! So be sure to take note of “The cool guys with the drumsticks”. You might just secure yourself one with a nice DG logo on it done with the custom made lasercutter of Open Space Aarhus.

The LAC2017 release of this year is a bugfix release. It bears the version number 0.9.14 and can, as always, be downloaded here.

See you at LAC! :)

2017-04-29 - By Muldjord
CrocellKit is here!!!
No rest for the wicked at the DrumGizmo camp! We've cooked up an entirely new drumkit for you guys to try out. And it coincides perfectly with the implementation of diskstreaming in the recently released DrumGizmo 0.9.13. Why? Because this kit is a whopper! Taking up no less than 8.4 GB of space, this is by far the most thoroughly sampled kit we've ever created. Just the snare alone consist of almost 100 different hits. 100!!!

You can listen to a sample of the kit here

And, when you've managed to clean up some space on your harddrive, download the kit HERE!

A special thanks goes out to the Danish metal band Crocell who just so happens to celebrate their 10th anniversary today! One of the finest death metal acts on Danish soil. Also thank you to Jacob of JBOSound, who generously let us into the studio one evening, after the guys had wrapped up drum recordings for their upcoming album.

2017-04-23 - By Muldjord
0.9.13 released!
Pop the corks! It's release day! We just released 0.9.13, which includes the much anticipated diskstreaming feature. OSS support and a completely new ui is also introduced. We have been working hard to get this release put together, so please join us in celebrating it! Feel free to stop by IRC (Freenode, #drumgizmo) or the official forum and please let us know if you find any bugs.

In other news, stay tuned for the new CrocellKit!

And now, without further ado, go grab 0.9.13!!!

2017-03-20 - By Muldjord
New kit in the works!
It's been a while since we've expanded out drumkit roster with an official DrumGizmo drumkit. So good news everyone! On Monday I went to a local studio and spend 5 hours sampling a new kit which will be called the CrocellKit. Crocell is a Danish metal band that is currently recording their next album at this studio. Jacob of JBOSound is the engineer on the record, and he kindly let me sample the entire kit after they were done recording for the day. The kit won't be released just yet, but here's a teaser:

2017-01-30 - By Deva
Team expansion
It has been a bit over a year since we welcomed our last team members in the Gizmo stables…

…And now, a year later, we're at it again: We would like you all to give a warm welcome to Meka! During the last couple of months he has been helping out testing and fixing issues on FreeBSD and is the key reason for the FreeBSD version we managed to get going with the last release. Initially Meka will focus on improving the cli functionality so expect good things happening in this area in the coming releases.

We are thrilled to have him on board! Welcome!

2017-01-18 - By Muldjord
DrumGizmo v0.9.12 released
DrumGizmo version 0.9.12 now available! Most prominent new feature is that we now have FreeBSD support! Several fixes for various combinations of software also made it into this release. Check the roadmap for 0.9.12 for full details.

Download it now - Get it while it's hot!

2016-10-29 - By Muldjord
0.9.11 released
DrumGizmo version 0.9.11 now available! This is mostly a bugfix release, but also introduces the use of the Ardour inline feature in the LV2 version of the plugin. Go load it up, you'll see a loading bar in the mixer panel.

A unicode bug has been fixed and we also fixed a problem that occurred when using more than one instance of DG in your DAW.

Download it now - Get it while it's hot!

2016-10-24 - By Deva
Forum Gizmo at
The Gizmo now it's very own forum kindly hosted by - so join us and help us take the Gizmo to the next level of awesomeness.

2016-07-29 - By Deva
The Gizmo at Sommerhack 2016
The Gizmo just made a short appearance at the Sommerhack 2016 hacker camp.

The offspring of said appearance was a tiny drumkit made entirely in-situ with the help of all the other attendees.

We had a lot of fun creating it and hope you can have some fun playing around with it :-)

2016-06-16 - By Muldjord
DrumGizmo + RockBand drums equals AWESOME!
Check out this fun and impressive video by Yassin Philip, who decided to match his RockBand drums with the sweet sounds of DrumGizmo's DRSKit.

2016-04-27 - By Deva
Servers are back online
All servers should be back online and fully operational.

2016-04-26 - By Deva
Servers are being upgraded
The server hosting our drumkits are having it's capacity doubled so we can host twice as many awesome drumkits in the future. Unfortunately this migration requires the server to be offline while data is being copied.
The server should be back online tomorrow around 8 AM UTC+2.

2016-04-20 - By Muldjord
New video tutorials
DrumGizmo user Michael Oswald has put a lot of work into making a complete video tutorial series on how to make a song from scratch. During the process he also covers how to compose drums in Muse using DrumGizmo and how to mix the drums in Ardour afterwards. Be sure to check out the entire series at LibreMusicProduction. For convenience we've created links for the DrumGizmo related stuff in the tutorial section.

A huge thanks to Michael for taking the time to create this series. Check it out, you might learn something!

UPDATE: Michael also created a short guide on how to assemble a DrumGizmo kit from drumkit sample library samples. Check that out here

2016-03-30 - By Deva
DrumGizmo 0.9.10 released!
Hot in the heels of version 0.9.9 we have just released the 0.9.10 bugfix version fixing the resampler bug as well as freeze bug encountered when a tempo change is reported to the plugin.

Contributors for this release are: deva, suhr

2016-03-24 - By Muldjord
DrumGizmo 0.9.9 released!
After a year, we are very happy to announce that we have completed work on DrumGizmo 0.9.9. This is probably the biggest release to date, even though it doesn't seem to have changed much for the end user. Some major stuff has changed behind the scenes. DrumGizmo's disk streaming is now enabled and running whenever you load a drumkit. It is not currently exposed in the gui and is therefore working by simply setting the cache limit to load the entire kit. It will be implemented in the gui when we feel confident that it works as expected.

On top of it all, we have done some major refactoring of the code base. And the usual pile of bugs have been squashed. Keep in mind though, that this is a feature release, and should be considered unstable.

Contributors for this release are: cglocke, chaot4, deva, muldjord, suhr, viccuad

2016-03-24 - By Deva
DrumGizmo is now LGPLv3
By consensus vote among all the developers we have now decided to change the license of the entire DrumGizmo project from GPLv3 to LGPLv3. This means that it is no longer a violation of the license to load the plugin inside a proprietary host such as Reaper or Bitwig which we know many of our users did. The license will be effective from our next (still upcoming) release 0.9.9 but has already been integrated into our current git master branch.

Enjoy the newly acquired freedom to use the Gizmo wherever you like!

2016-03-22 - By Muldjord
DGMeetup 2016 underway
Holed up in a house somewhere on planet Earth - right now - are 6 geeky people currently plotting for world domination. The amount of evil laughter is not as prevalent as you might expect for such a setting though. Mainly because the world domination part is not to enslave humanity, but rather to work on DrumGizmo to make sure as many people enjoy using it as possible.

We actually started the meeting yesterday, and currently the whiteboard is plenty full of plans for what we want to achieve. More on that later.

For now, know that the 0.9.9 release is not too far off.

2016-01-21 - By Muldjord
Developer team doubled!
Ok, so here's some great news for our first post of 2016! But before we delve into the details, we would like to wish you all a happy new year!

So, what is this about our development team being doubled? Well, as DrumGizmo continues to garner interest from users around the world, it seems that some of these delightful individuals are actually quite good at coding. And some of those coders decided to join the team! More specifically, we are now joined by users Chaot4 and Glocke who are both currently digging through our codebase to familiarize themselves with the intricate details.

We are stoked to have them join the team! Welcome guys!

2015-12-21 - By Muldjord
Aasimonster 2.0 kit released
The Aasimonster kit has finally been converted to the 2.0 DrumGizmo format. The conversion has been done by user Chaot4 (THANKS!!!). He's put a lot of hard work into this, so go ahead and check it out!

Find the updated kit right here!

2015-12-19 - By Deva
The DrumGizmo project has been added to Coverity Scan
Coverity has accepted our application so the Gizmo is now a part of their portifolio:
Coverity is an online static code analysis tool that can help us find defects in the software. So what this essentially means is that the next step has been taken towards making the Gizmo more stable and reliable than ever before.

2015-12-10 - By Muldjord
First user-created drumkit added
Good news everyone! The DrumGizmo drumkit family just expanded to include the brand new “ShittyKit”. Contrary to it's erm… Slightly curious name (we didn't come up with it) it actually sounds really good. It's a medium sized kit with 5 channels created by user Sardonicus.

Soo… What are you waiting for?! Grab the kit right here!

2015-12-05 - By Muldjord
New song by Matias Nieminen available
DrumGizmo seems to have found its way into the toolbox of quite a lot of musicians these days. We're very humbled that so many people use it and find it useful. Today we present you with a link to a song Matias Nieminen send us.

Listen to the song here

2015-10-06 - By Muldjord
New DrumGizmo song available
Michael Oswald has been kind enough to send us a link with an example of what can be done with DrumGizmo when mixing an electronic style with some 8-string metal. Its got a bit of a Nine Inch Nails flavor to it. DrumGizmo can be heard in the metal passages.

Listen to the song "The Canyon" right here

2015-09-08 - By Muldjord
Updated DrumGizmo roadmap for 0.9.9
We had a DrumGizmo meeting yesterday, trying to figure out how to go forward from our current position. It's been quiet over the summer, rest assured that we haven't been slacking off. In fact, we have several new features in testing such as disk streaming and a new humanize control that introduces adjustable beat-skewing. BUT, none of these features are ready for primetime. In fact, most of them are largely untested. And before we can introduce them into the actual GUI, we need to do some ground work on the basis code. Mostly about refactoring the GUI framework to make it easier to work with, which in turn makes it easier to introduce new functions. And we need to do a lot of unit testing to make sure these functions are as stable as they can be when we release it upon the masses.

If you would like to help us out, or have questions, always feel free to JOIN US ON IRC

Also check out the updated 0.9.9 DrumGizmo roadmap

2015-07-21 - By Muldjord
New song using only DrumGizmo drums
A new song by Josh Salazar has been released using only DrumGizmo drums. This is a really nice example of what can be done with DrumGizmo with a more quiet and moody tune. The kit used is the DRSKit. Check it out!

2015-04-09 - By Deva
DrumGizmo@LAC2015 in Mainz
We are now at the 13th annual linux audio conference in Mainz to hang out with other linux audio enthusiasts and discuss some interesting design issues in audio development.

2015-03-16 - By Muldjord
Howto: Create your own drumkits
I decided to write a very brief tutorial on how to create your own drumkits. It's something people have been asking for for quite a while. The reason we haven't done anything about it so far is that the drumkit file format still isn't finalized, and the editor is very much a work in progress, still requiring you to get your hands dirty when binding the instruments together in an actual drumkit. BUT, with that said, it is VERY useful for creating the actual instrument xml and wav files with hit velocities and so on. So, without further ado, go check out the brand new Getting DGEdit section that now contains a complete, although brief, description on how to create your own kits.

Keep in mind that this is just to get you started. We are planning on making video tutorials for the entire process when we are further along in development.

2015-01-25 - By Muldjord
Tutorial: How to use DrumGizmo with Ardour
If you are having trouble using DrumGizmo with Ardour, or if you are just a first-time user wondering how to get started using DrumGizmo, there is now a very detailed tutorial available at LibreMusicProduction written by Conor Mc Cormack. A huge thanks goes out to Conor for taking the time to write this tutorial.

Click here to read the article. You can also find this link in our tutorial section.

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