DRSKit came to be as a collaboration between the DrumGizmo team and Jes Eiler of DRSDrums. Jes creates handcrafted drumkits under his own label with an attention to detail not often seen on the market.

We gave him a call and asked if he would supply a kit for us to record. And being the stand-up guy that he is, he offered to lend us an entire kit for free. The kit contains the following components (Left / right placements as seen by the drummer):

  • 1 kickdrum
  • 1 hanging tom
  • 2 floor toms
  • 1 snare
  • 1 hihat: Paiste Formula 602 Medium hi-hat
  • 2 crash cymbals
    • Left: Paiste Giant Beat
    • Right: Paiste Formula 602 (Lend to us by Erik)
  • 1 ride cymbal: Paiste Formula 602 thin crash

The kit should be usable for everything from jazz to rock.


The DRSKit drumkit source files are released under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

When the samples are used in a composition, any context in which other credits (e.g. to performers) are presented must include an attribution.


  • Version 2.1: Download the kit here
    • md5: 8c4d4b61ad9d354b3b845edd5da9c133
  • Version 2.0.1 to 2.1 patch: Download the patch here (Note: This file only contains files changed from 2.0.1 to 2.1. Download this if you already have DRSKit 2.0.1 installed and don't wish to re-download the entire thing)

Additional Downloads

  • Reaper template: Jazz/Rock template By Henry Järvinen (Right-click→“save link as…” to download)
  • Reaper midi note file: Midi note labels / descriptors By Henry Järvinen (Right-click→“save link as…” to download)

Recording setup

The drumkit was recorded using 13 microphones.


Microphone setup

  • Close mic: Snare top: Shure Sm57
  • Close mic: Snare bottom: Shure Sm57
  • Close mic: Tom1: Shure Sm57
  • Close mic: Tom2: Shure Sm57
  • Close mic: Tom3: Shure Sm57
  • Close mic: Kick drum back (facing audience): AKG D112
  • Close mic: Kick drum front (beater end, facing the drummer): Shure Sm57
  • Close mic: Ride cymbal: Beyerdynamic MCE 86 II
  • Close mic: Hihat: Beyerdynamic MCE 86 II
  • Overhead: Focusing on left crash and hihat: Røde Nt5
  • Overhead: Focusing on right crash and ride: Røde Nt5
  • Ambience: Focusing on entire kit placed further back in the room to the left: t.bone Rb500
  • Ambience: Focusing on entire kit placed further back in the room to the right: t.bone Rb500

Channel setup

All microphones are connected to its own channel when loading the kit in DrumGizmo. 13 channels total. Remember to pan the relevant channels to give you a better stereo effect.

  • Ch 1: Ambience left
  • Ch 2: Ambience right
  • Ch 3: Kickdrum back
  • Ch 4: Kickdrum front
  • Ch 5: Hihat
  • Ch 6: Overhead left
  • Ch 7: Overhead right
  • Ch 8: Ride cymbal
  • Ch 9: Snaredrum bottom
  • Ch 10: Snaredrum top
  • Ch 11: Tom1
  • Ch 12: Tom2 (Floor tom)
  • Ch 13: Tom3 (Floor tom)
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