Developer Zone

LAC 2017

General Ideas
  • tcc (picked up from Harry's talk)
Customizable Drumkits and Choosing The Right Drumkit
  • Give previews to drumkits (e.g. soundfiles on the homepage that make the kits comparable)
  • Link to example songs on soundcloud or similar sites
  • Script to create the preview sound files
  • Create demo input module to cli that plays something from all instruments.


News sinks

  • A crude list of people/lists/websites we should announce new releases to.





32bit vs 24bit tests


Interesting Articles


Midi Drumkits

Windows build enviroment

Website 2014

  • Must have different subsites:
    • This is the main site aimed at the DrumGizmo users
    • This is primarily meant for the development team of DrumGizmo
    • A wiki containing all sorts of information relevant to the DrumGizmo community

Main website. Contains all functionality relevant for the DrumGizmo users.

  • Front page: News about DrumGizmo, relevant for users
  • About: What is DrumGizmo, explained in a simple language with no unnecessary tech mumbo-jumbo
  • Get DrumGizmo: Download DrumGizmo releases for Linux / Mac / Windows, including git for the adventurous.
  • Forum: Main place for DG users to discuss projects and DrumGizmo in general
  • Drumkit exchange: Allow registered DrumGizmo users to download and upload DG drumkits.


Should it be a requirement for users to register in order to download drumkits? Registering should be extremely simple.

Drumkits gives a great incentive to register, and afterwards the chances of an active forum is greatly increased. Plus, we can have an opt-in newsletter.

E-Drum Kits




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