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Modular UI

We want a simpler way of handling the UI modules for each instrument. Currently we have a humanizer, which will soon be expanded with a “Energy curvature” module. And in the future, possibly some bleed settings. How do we do this easily?

Where to save it

As a “first step” implementation we agreed on not saving anything in the drumkit xml or midimap xml files. Instead we are going to rely on saving the settings for each module in the Ardour project (or whatever sequencer you are using). This is not optimal, but for now, it'll have to do.

In the future, we need to discuss whether we want these settings saved directly to the drumkit xml file, include the midimap xml in the drumkit xml, or perhaps save the settings in an xml file by itself. No conclusion has yes been reached in this regard.


Simply put, we need a list of the instruments and their attributes for the different modules. So basically we can divide the UI into two pages, preferably having “tabs”. One tab is called “main” where you load the kit and do other overall stuff. Then there's the “intrument” tab which contains the following:

Instrument tab

No fancy pancy, just a list with the names that are selectable. These should be placed to the right, in a selection box that takes up about 1/4th of the plugin ui.

To the left is a “module” box. Initially empty, but fills up with “modules” when an instrument is selected. Each module is placed inside a “groupbox” and the relevant knobs and checkboxes are inserted with the needed labels. The groupboxes are placed below one another. If the boxed go below the screen, a scrollbar appear and you can scroll down to find the remaining modules.

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