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2014-12-07 - By Muldjord
DrumGizmo 0.9.7 released!
Sooo, we've got news for you! 0.9.7 is now ready for delicious consumption! Anyone wants realtime resampling? There you go! Go get it!

2014-11-05 - By Deva
New source code browser
A new git repository browser for the drumgizmo and dgedit repositories has just been added to the server. It is running on cgit and has lots of nice features for keeping track on new code developments. Check it out at http://cgit.drumgizmo.org

2014-03-10 - By Deva
Drumkit download works again
A webserver issue has lead to the drumkit downloads being offline since Monday morning. This has been fixed now.

2014-09-09 - By Muldjord
DrumGizmo 0.9.6 released!
Great news everyone! DrumGizmo 0.9.6 is now released and available from the Getting DrumGizmo section. And for the Windows users this means that you can now use DrumGizmo in a 64bit environment, enabling you to use kits that take up more than 4 gigs of ram. We've had several requests for this, so please grab it and test the heck out of it! Be sure to let us know if you have any problems.

Many other fixes in there aswell, so grab it while it's hot and let us know if you create something awesome!

2014-07-24 - By Muldjord
64bit Windows dll now in testing
Deva has had success with creating a functional, automated Windows built environment. This means that we will henceforth be doing both 32bit and 64bit versions of the Windows VSTi. This is necessary for some of the drumkits, since they take up much more ram than what is possible with a 32bit system.

Thank you to Santo for helping us doing some of the testing. If anyone else wanna help out, write to me at muldjordlars[at]gmail.com and I'll hook you up with the test dll.

2014-07-02 - By Deva
First real album released using DrumGizmo drums!
Today we can all celebrate the very first album using DrumGizmo drums, by no other than our very own Muldjord!
The album is call “The Color of My Soul” and contains 10 mind-crushingly fast and brutal death metal songs. Check it out at his website http://www.muldjord.com - it's all free as in free beer, and it sounds awesome!
Congrats on the fine result Muldjord (and that other thing…)

2014-06-07 - By Muldjord
64bit VTSi in the works
We've had some requests for a 64bit version of the VSTi. As some of you already know it works just fine on 64bit Linux, so it's basically a question of looking at the VST wrapper code to make sure it compiles on 64bit Windows. We are looking into creating an automated Windows build environment at the moment. When that is up and running we'll look into the VST code. Keep checking back here for news.

2014-05-05 - By Muldjord
See you all next year!
The Linux Audio Conference is now over and once again it was a great experience! Thank you to everyone who helped make it happen, and to all of the attendees. We've had some really good feedback on DrumGizmo, we're very grateful to all of you who show interest in our virtual drummer.

As last year, it's a bit sad to leave it all behind. But luckily there's another chance to catch up with all of you guys again next year. Looking forward to that! In the meantime there's lots of interesting work to do, and hopefully a bunch of drum kits to record.


2014-04-28 - By Muldjord
MuldjordKit updated to version 2.0
We're on fire today! MuldjordKit has now also been completely reworked for the version 2.0 format. This kit takes up a mammoth 2.5 gigs of ram, so be sure to keep that in mind when using it.

Check it out at the drum kits section and please let us know if you have any comments.

2014-04-28 - By Muldjord
DRSKit updated to version 2.0
Yesterday we released 0.9.5 of DrumGizmo with floating velocity groups completely implemented. Such an awesome feature isn't much fun unless you have a drum kit that supports it. So I spend the day going through the entire catalog of raw DRSKit sound files and re-created the kit using the version 2.0 format.

So what's the difference? Apart from having more hits to choose from (it grew almost 1 gig since version 2.0), it's exactly the same kit. You do need a beefy amount of ram (and probably a 64 bit system) to support the entire “DRSKit_full” configuration though, so keep that in mind if it crashes during load.

We recommend going with the “DRSKit_basic” configuration for most projects. And if you are doing some jazzy stuff, try out “DRSKit_whiskers_only”.

Check it out at the drum kits section and please let us know if you have any comments.

2014-04-24 - By Muldjord
Almost ready for LAC2014
One week from now LAC2014 is in full swing! Are you excited!? We certainly are! We'll be there to show off the almost completely revamped DrumGizmo editor. We'll take you through the entire process of creating a drumkit from scratch and then use it with DrumGizmo in various ways.

While you wait you should go check out the interviews Gabriel Nordeborn is publishing these days, focusing on the people behind or close to the Linux Audio Conference. Find a list of them here.

See you all there!

2014-04-02 - By Muldjord
Gathering pt. 3
Third get-together before LAC2014. Refining editor user interface and working on multichannel export. Present are Deva, Suhr and Muldjord.

2014-03-19 - By Muldjord
Gathering of the DrumGizmo team pt. 2
This evening we are holding our second get-together before LAC2014. At the moment we are focusing on the editor features. Present are Deva, Suhr and Muldjord.

2014-03-05 - By Muldjord
Gathering of the DrumGizmo team pt. 1
Linux Audio Conference 2014 is closing in (sortof), and today we are having our first DG meeting to discuss the contents of our talk / workshop at the conference. That's right, we'll all be there to make sure you'll get your fix of digital drum mayhem. We're planning on creating a DG drumkit from scratch while explaining each step in the process. And if everything goes well, maybe even use the kit for some sort of improvised performance. Everything is not planned out yet, we'll keep you posted.

2014-01-10 - By Muldjord
Deva interviewed by zthmusic
As a part of his friday-interview program, zthmusic has interviewed Deva about life, the universe and everything. There's a good bit about DrumGizmo in there, so go ahead and check it out.

2014-01-09 - By Muldjord
DrumGizmo updated in KXStudio repositories
If you use the KXStudio repositories you'll be happy to know that DrumGizmo has just been updated to the latest version. We strongly recommend you use this version instead of the old one. However, if you insist on using it it can still be found under “drumgizmo-old”.

Just a small note on the new version: There have been reports of velocity issues running under 64 bit. We have not been able to reproduce this ourselves, but if you encounter this issue, please visit us at irc, freenode network, channel #drumgizmo and let us know.

Find the repositories here.

2013-09-14 - By Muldjord
Demonstration of floating velocity groups
So I finally got around to making a small video roughly demonstrating the difference between fixed and floating velocity groups in DrumGizmo. As mentioned in the earlier news post, this is something we are working on implementing at the moment, and it makes quite a bit of difference to the quality of the output from DrumGizmo. Check out the video in the Videos / Tutorials section or go directly to the video with this link

2013-08-12 - By Muldjord
Exciting new feature in the works
We're slowly getting back into gear after the summer. And today I would like to talk about something deva is working on, which will improve the “real drummer” quality of DrumGizmo quite a bit. We're not talking about some new humanization algorithm or anything like that. No, we're talking about improving the way DrumGizmo handles midi velocity sweeps.

At the moment DrumGizmo's drum strokes are handled in something we like to call velocity groups. Basically it means that all the hits on one drum, is put into groups spanning, for instance, from midi velocity 30-50. This ensures that all midi notes played in this rage, uses one of the hits from that group, making it possible to do hard-hitting strokes and soft-hitting strokes. This works ok, but has the huge disadvantage of not really distinguishing between a hit at 31 or 42. Those two hits would choose from the exact same drum-hit pool making a smooth midi velocity sweep sound like it's walking up stairs.

What deva has done, is getting rid of the velocity group system entirely. Instead, all hits now have a measured energy level. And when the engine recieves a midi note, it takes the velocity value, creates a span directly around it, and chooses from the pool of hits that correlates to that span in energy level. This make a midi velocity sweep seem much more fluid. Also, this new feature will not require any changes to the already existing drumkits, since the energy levels are currently calculated on the fly when loading a kit.

I will make a small comparison of the difference between the two modes soon.

2013-07-26 - By Muldjord
Summertime and busy bees
I thought it would be nice to let you all know what is going on with the DrumGizmo project at the moment. Not to make excuses, just to let you know that we are all still here although quite a bit busy with non-dg related things at the moment. Heck, these things aren't even computer related - won't bore you with the details though. We will be back when things quiet down and there's more wriggle room to work with. Until then, have a great summer everyone!

2013-05-30 - By Muldjord
Linux Audio Conference video available
The lightning talk we gave at the Linux Audio Conference 2013 in Graz, Austria, is now available to stream and download online. Check it out here.

2013-05-29 - By Muldjord
DRSKit released in full version
The full version of the DRSKit is now ready for download in the drumkits section. This version of the kit contains all sorts of hit variations not found in the earlier LAC version of the kit. It also contains a full set of whisker hits on both drums and cymbals. Read more and download it from here.

2013-05-18 - By Muldjord
MuldjordKit released
As promised a new drumkit has just been added to the Drumkits section. It is the MuldjordKit which I sampled all the way back in 2010 when recording an album with my ex-band Sepulchrum. As it turns out I was quite thorough when doing the kit sampling, so I decided to turn it into a fully fledged DrumGizmo drumkit. It sounds really good!

2013-05-12 - By Muldjord
Thank you to LAC
We, the guys here at DrumGizmo, would like to thank everyone involved with the Linux Audio Conference and everyone who attended. It's been a pleasure meeting you all, sharing ideas, opinions and a lot of giggles and laughs over the past few days. It's been very inspiring and a great motivator to keep improving DrumGizmo! We hope to see you all again next year in Karlsruhe, Germany. Till next time!

2013-05-09 - By Muldjord
The DrumGizmo team is at LAC right now!
Just to let you know, the entire DrumGizmo team (3 cool guys) are currently at the Linux Audio Conference. If you want to see what's going on in realtime, check out the live stream here!.

2013-05-06 - By Muldjord
Video tutorial for Cubase Studio added
A new tutorial on how to use DrumGizmo with Cubase Studio has been added to the Videos / tutorials section.

Expect a lot more tutorials to appear soon. Specifically tutorials on how to use the plugin with Ardour under Linux.

2013-04-19 - By Muldjord
Drumkit sampling commencing tonight
DRS Drums have lend us a shiny new drumkit for use in a drumkit recording session. We would like to express our thanks to Jes Eiler who made this possible! Thank you! We have booked studio time and will record the kit over the next couple of days. The kit will be made available as soon as it's ready, so keep checking back here for the latest news.

Also, remember to join our IRC channel #DrumGizmo at Freenode. For minor updates, check out our Twitter page. We will probably be posting running updates on there concerning the recording sessions.

2013-04-17 - By Deva
DrumGizmo is now a linuxaudio consortium member
As we are proud to announce that DrumGizmo is now an official member of the linux audio consortium. Read more about the consortium at linuxaudio.org.

2013-04-11 - By Muldjord
DrumGizmo promo material
As we are going to the LAC conference this year we decided to create some promotional material to bring with us. The idea of having custom DrumGizmo drumsticks made quickly transformed into a true project of geekery. Why you say? Well, mostly because we had the opportunity to burn the logos with a homebrew 80W lasercutter! Go check out the video. And if you have the chance, come meet us at LAC and get a drumstick of your own!

2013-03-15 - By Deva
DrumGizmo irc logs are now available
All IRC channel messages are now logged and published at http://www.drumgizmo.org/irc-logs.

DrumGizmo got its own IRC channel
Log on to chat.freenode.net on the #drumgizmo channel in order to get help or share user experiences.

DrumGizmo v0.9.1 has been released
…go to the Getting Drumgizmo section to get it.

DrumGizmo website going on-air
A brand new website has been launched… enjoy!

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