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 +An open source drum machine.
 +====What does it do? (currently - What WILL it do)====
 +It takes input from either a midi source, or audio input, and turns these into internal trigger signals, used to activate one or more samples on one or more output channels.\\
 +Output can be jack channels, or wav files.\\
 +All inputs are controlled using velocity.\\
 +The entire system is preprogrammed using an xml file, and a **lot** of wav files. No magic file formats or obscure predefined file names.\\
 +An easy to use editor is supplied running on Qt4, which can also be used as a control interface for the drum kit.
 +====Try it out====
 +Fetch MIDI files here: http://rock.mididb.com/metallica/ \\
 +Use jack-smf-utils to play back the midi files onto the jack transport. Get it here: http://pin.if.uz.zgora.pl/~trasz/jack-smf-utils/
 +====Beat detection====
 +====Midi reader library====
 +  * {{:check.png}} Make autotools project.
 +  * {{:check.png}} Make event interface.
 +  * {{:check.png}} Make midi-node -> sample mapping.
 +  * {{:check.png}} Make drumkit xml file format spec.
 +  * {{:check.png}} Make xml reader/parser.
 +  * {{:uncheck.png}} Make audio beat detection for audio inputs (triggerinng).
 +  * {{:check.png}} Cut off audio at some threshold on read, to save memory.
 +  * {{:uncheck.png}} Make Qt4 gui
 +  * {{:check.png}} Make alternative audio backends work
 +    * {{:check.png}} ALSA (output)
 +    * {{:check.png}} ALSA Midi (input)
 +    * {{:check.png}} Jack (output)
 +    * {{:uncheck.png}} JackMidi (input)
 +    * {{:check.png}} SndFile (output)
 +    * {{:check.png}} Midifile (input)
 +    * {{:uncheck.png}} SDL (output)
 +    * {{:uncheck.png}} DirectSound (output)
 +  * {{:check.png}} Make Win32 port.
 +  * {{:check.png}} Make plugin-able
 +    * {{:check.png}} LV2
 +    * {{:check.png}} VST
 +    * {{:uncheck.png}} DSSI
 +    * {{:uncheck.png}} LADSPA
 +    * {{:uncheck.png}} DXI
 +    * {{:uncheck.png}} RTAS
 +    * {{:uncheck.png}} AU
 +  * {{:check.png}} 'Port' to git
 +  * {{:uncheck.png}} Make in-RAM storage based on mp3.
 +  * {{:uncheck.png}} Make in-RAM storage based on FLAC.
 +  * {{:uncheck.png}} Make in-RAM storage based wav with separate attack and 'tail' sections, reusing the tail for multiple attacks.
 +  * {{:uncheck.png}} Test creation of multiple samples using a single sample and short filters.
 +  * {{:uncheck.png}} Make quantisation based on midi tempo input.
 +  * {{:uncheck.png}} Make 'humaniser' both in time and veloctiy.
 +  * {{:uncheck.png}} Make groove enhancer (velocity changer based on tempo)
 +  * {{:uncheck.png}} Make wav optimizer (cut off silence, based on energy, and fade out).
 +  * {{:uncheck.png}} Make sample sorter (based on energy in initial wav data).
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