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 =====Additional downloads===== =====Additional downloads=====
   * Ardour template: [[http://​www.drumgizmo.org/​kits/​Aasimonster/​DrumGizmo-Aasimonster.tar.gz|Download here]]   * Ardour template: [[http://​www.drumgizmo.org/​kits/​Aasimonster/​DrumGizmo-Aasimonster.tar.gz|Download here]]
 +  * Reaper template by torgeir: [[https://​github.com/​torgeir/​drumgizmo-aasimonster-reaper|on github]].
 =====Recording setup===== =====Recording setup=====
 {{ :​kits:​aasimontser_recording_setup.jpg?​400 |Recording setup}}\\ {{ :​kits:​aasimontser_recording_setup.jpg?​400 |Recording setup}}\\
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