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 +first of all thanks for your efforts.
 +That said, could you take into account the sample_rate
 +value passed to the LV2 instantiate function? I work
 +in 48KHz and DrumGizmo is in 44.1KHz and nothing else.
 +(I use the LV2 version within my own host, some kind of
 +minimalist DAW, to be released at some point in the future.)
 +Digging a bit into the code, I see very few places where this value of
 +44100 is used. But it's just a quick look. Maybe things are not that
 +You can use libsamplerate (see http://​www.mega-nerd.com/​SRC/​)
 +or zita-resampler (see http://​kokkinizita.linuxaudio.org/​linuxaudio/​zita-resampler/​resampler.html)
 +(I would personnaly suggest the second one.)
 +If you are interested I can volunteer to hack something.
 +I guess that resampling at loading time is enough, and adapt
 +the code to use a variable "​sample_rate"​ where 44100 is hardcoded.
 +Let me know what you think.
 +Thanks again for DrumGizmo.
 +Cédric. ​
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