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 =====Latest News===== =====Latest News=====
 +//​2018-11-28 - By Deva//\\
 +**Drumkits are back online**\\
 +All kits have been migrated to the main drumgizmo server and should be available again there now.
 +Be aware that all the links have changed - sorry for the inconvenience.
 +//​2018-11-25 - By Deva//\\
 +**Drumkit server is down**\\
 +Updated by Muldjord Nov 28th 2018: The server hosting some of our drumkits is down due to unforeseen circumstances. We are currently trying to migrate the files to a different server. Rest assured, the files are of course backed up so it's merely a question of getting the sneakernet up and running (look it up).
 +//​2018-08-13 - By Muldjord//​\\
 +**New Muldjord album released**\\
 +As a bit of a showcase of how DrumGizmo can be used in a somewhat high-end project, you can now download the new Muldjord album "A Cascade of Eventualities"​ for free at the official website [[http://​www.muldjord.com|muldjord.com]]. Or you can just click [[http://​www.muldjord.com/​downloads/​Muldjord-2018-A_Cascade_of_Eventualities-mp3.zip|this direct link to the mp3 version]].
 +The album is released under a creative commons license and exclusively uses the DrumGizmo MuldjordKit2 samples and engine. So go check it out if blackened death metal is your thing.
 +The album is also available on streaming services.
 //​2018-08-12 - By Muldjord//​\\ //​2018-08-12 - By Muldjord//​\\
 **DrumGizmo 0.9.16 released**\\ **DrumGizmo 0.9.16 released**\\
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