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 =====Latest release===== =====Latest release=====
-**DrumGizmo v0.9.16**\\ +**DrumGizmo v0.9.17**\\ 
-DrumGizmo version 0.9.16 now available! ​This is mainly a bugfix release. ​For the full list of changes, check the [[roadmap:features_roadmap#​version_0916|roadmap ​for 0.9.16]].+DrumGizmo version 0.9.17 now available! For the full list of changes, check the [[changelog:drumgizmo-0.9.17|ChangeLog ​for 0.9.17]].
-And now, without further ado, [[getting_drumgizmo#​section0916|go grab 0.9.16!!!]]+And now, without further ado, [[getting_drumgizmo#​section0917|go grab 0.9.17!!!]]
 **DGEdit v0.10**\\ **DGEdit v0.10**\\
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 =====Latest News===== =====Latest News=====
 +//​2019-07-15 - By Deva//\\
 +**DrumGizmo 0.9.17 released**\\
 +In this release we tried to jam in as many of our planned changes to the
 +xml as possible. There are still a few more to go but this release has
 +brought us a large step closer to our feature-complete xml format. Quite
 +a few other major features has also found their way into this release,
 +which will be much more visible (and audible) to the users.
 +  * Improved sample selection algorithm.
 +  * Clicky-kit feature.
 +  * Midnam support.
 +  * Directed choke functionality.
 +  * Drumkit metadata support.
 +  * Experimental Cocoa UI support for MacOSX.
 +Also some bug fixes and a lot of code refactoring (replaced eXpat with
 +pugixml for one).
 +For a detailed description of all the new shiny features, including
 +audio samples and lots of screenshots,​ see the [[changelog:​drumgizmo-0.9.17|ChangeLog for 0.9.17]].
 +And now, without further ado, [[getting_drumgizmo#​section0917|go grab 0.9.17!!!]]
 //​2019-03-04 - By Deva//\\ //​2019-03-04 - By Deva//\\
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