Right/left hand distinguation

This features aims at making the engine decide when to make alternate right/left hand samples instead of right hand-only samples.

Sample generation

Samples must be recorded with alternating right and left hand strokes on each drum, staring with the right hand. Each right/left hand stroke pair must be of equal velocity making it possible for the sample cutter to pair them without further analysis. The calculated attack strength of the sample pair can be calculated using either the right or left hand alone for the pair or doing an average of the two. The sample pairings are stored in the dataset for the engine to use.


The engine can choose between either single hand strokes (right hand only) and multihand samples (alternating right and left) based on the speed in which the strokes are happening. This will make it possible to force a snare fill to be played using right/left hand because the speed of the fill is about double the rate of the single hand strokes.

Example: Blast beat in 240bpm (16th notes) results in 960bpm snare notes. Then a snare fill will be utilising double that speed resulting in 1920bpms. This 'jump' in speed is easily detectable by the engine (and the speed threshold is user configurable). When in dual-hand mode the sampleselection algorithm works as usual (based on randomness) but in multihand mode it will alternate between the right and left hand samples.

Ultimately this feature will result in less 'machinegun' snare during fills.

The feature could be combined with the velocity level and make it possible to switch to eg. gravity blast mode.

Furthermore the need for multiple note values for the right and left kick drums will disappear since the right kick can be used in the slower parts and alternating right and left can be used in faster parts.

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