“Hello, My name is Kitty and I am a virtual DrumKit. You can use me with the awesome free plugin DrumGizmo. I love pop and rock but I could accommodate most non-trash style and I'm looking forward to make cool beats with you. I feature a traditional microphone setup with a mix of close micing, over heads and stereo room. I also feature a very cool Trash mono microphone that you can use to add some dirt and punch to your track.”


  • Version 1.0:

(Note: 2.5 Gb, compatible with DrumGizmo 0.9.19 and newer)

Additional Downloads

  • Templates for Ardour and Mixbus
  • Midi Grooves

Recording setup

We've decided to not reveal what hardware was used to create Kitty, not because it's not good but, on the contrary, because we think Kitty can hold the comparison against big brand Drum VSTs and judging by the sound is the only fair comparison there is. What we can reveal is that Kitty is an hybride kit, mixing drums from different brands and we have carefully chosen each microphone and preamp to achieve Kitty's modern, yet warm, and open sound.

Each microphone is connected to its own channel when loading the kit in DrumGizmo. 14 channels total. Remember to pan the relevant channels to give you a better stereo effect (left and right in the patching refers to the drummer's perspective).

  Patch               Microphon specs
* Ch01: Kick Out       Hi bump at 9kHz, Dynamic, cardioid, 20cm
* Ch02: Kick In        Slight Mid Scoop and Hi bump at 7kHz, Dynamic, Inside
* Ch03: Snare Top      Low cut from 200Hz and Hi bump at 5kHz, Dynamic, cardioid, 2cm
* Ch04: Snare Bot      Low bump at 80Hz and Hi bump at 11kHz, Dynamic, Cardioid, 7cm
* Ch05: Tom1
* Ch06: Tom2
* Ch07: Tom3
* Ch08: HH             Hi-Mid bump at 2kHz and Hi bump at 10kHz, Small Diaphragm electro-static, cardioid, 15cm
* Ch09: Ride           Rather Linear, Large Diaphragm electro-static, cardioid, 20cm
* Ch10: Trash          Bumps at 120 and 3500Hz, Dynamic, cardioid, Between kick and Snare facing up
* Ch11: OHL            Hi shelve from 8kHz, Small Diaphragm electro-static, cardioid, ORTF, 2m above drummer's head, sanre centered
* Ch12: OHR
* Ch13: RoomL          Low cut from 200Hz, Large Diaphragm electro-static, cardioid, 2m apart, 2m high, 3m from source, facing the wall (wood) 1m away
* Ch14: RoomR

Here is a generic picture showing the disposition of the kit :


Kitty is made of 27 different articulations. The MIDI mapping indicated here is the default one that comes with it.

  • Note 35, B1 : Kick Rest
  • Note 36, C2 : Kick Bounce
  • Note 37, C#2 : Snare Cross Stick
  • Note 38, D2 : Snare
  • Note 39, D#2 : Snare Buzz Roll
  • Note 40, E2 : Snare Rim
  • Note 41, F2 : Snare Rim Edge
  • Note 42, F#2 : HiHat Edge Closed
  • Note 43, G2 : HiHat Edge Dirty
  • Note 44, G#2 : HiHat Edge Semi Open
  • Note 45, A2 : Tom3
  • Note 46, A#2 : HiHat Edge Open
  • Note 47, B2 : Tom2
  • Note 48, C3 : Tom1
  • Note 49, C#3 : Ride
  • Note 50, D3 : Tom1Rim
  • Note 51, D#3 : RideBell
  • Note 52, E3 : Crash18
  • Note 53, F3 : Crash19
  • Note 54, F#3 : HiHat Top Closed
  • Note 55, G3 : HiHat Top Dirty
  • Note 56, G#3 : HiHat Top Semi Open
  • Note 57, A3 : HiHat Foot
  • Note 58, A#3 : HiHat Top Open
  • Note 59, B3 : Ride Choke
  • Note 60, C4 : Crash18 Choke
  • Note 60, C#4 : Crash19 Choke


You can here Kitty in action here


Kit setup : Benoit Derycke

Mic setup and sampling : Benoit Derycke and Eamonn Tobin

Edited and prepared for DrumGizmo by: Eamonn Tobin

The Tom2 articulation was borrowed from the Crocell Kit : Mic setup by Jacob Olsen (jbosound.com), sampled by Lars Muldjord

Picture for the clicky kit by Valentin Poncin, Map by Eamonn Tobin.


Kitty is released under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

When the samples are used in a composition, any context in which other credits (e.g. to performers) are presented must include an attribution.

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